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To create the Training-and-methodical complex (TMC), Petrozavodsk State University (PetrSU) used the software environment for distance learning WebCT Campus Edition Focus 4.1 Rus. WebCT (Web Course Tools) represents one of the most powerful and popular worldwide means of creating and using network courses, providing the learning process in the Internet. Being translated into 14 languages, this system is used in over 80 countries, by 2,200 universities, institutes and colleges, 500 thousand teachers, and over 5 mln students.

From 2003 on, WebCT, providing 3,000 simultaneous connections to the server, has served as a basis for the efficient organization of the distance educational process at PetrSU, in its branches, institutes, and the training centres, which gave rise to great advance in distance learning.

According to the agreement with WebCT Inc., PetrSU has accomplished the internationalization of WebCT 4.1 Campus Edition for Russian-speaking users, having thus acquired a right to distribute this WebCT version in Russia. PetrSU’s specialists provide methodical and consulting support to higher schools and other educational institutions of Russia, as well as to Russian educational institutions abroad, as to purchasing, installation, introduction and use of WebCT.

Over 300 leaders, teaching and other staff from various university departments and faculties, education management bodies, educational institutions of the Republic of Karelia and other higher schools of Russia received retraining in the RCNIT’s Training Centre of PetrSU on distance educational technologies application, which enabled them to develop and use network TMC of distance courses in various subject fields.

Russian educational organizations are offered:

  • Methodical and consulting support in purchasing, installation and use of the software environment WebCT version 3.8 and higher (англ).

  • Russian version of WebCT 4.1 Campus Edition.

  • Advanced training course "Administration of WebCT server" (in face-to-face and distance forms of studies),

  • Advanced training course “WebCT user” (in face-to-face and distance forms of studies).

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