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Free training within one of the advanced training programmes, up to 144 hours, is provided to:
Personnel working in the field of education in RK, Novgorod region, and Krasnoyarsk Territory, improving their qualification within the project "Advanced training and personnel retraining for education" within the framework of the major line of informatization of education specified as "Personnel training for information society", of the Federal Special-Purpose Programme 'Development of common educational environment (2001 – 05)".

The lists of learners to be registered for a corresponding course are submitted to the site administrator by the coordinator of the advanced training programme.

Free access to the site TMC (methodical recommendations, advanced training programmes, and educational module materials) is provided to:
- Coordinators of the processes of informatization of education on regional and municipal level.
- Coordinators of advanced training programmes on regional and municipal level of RK, Novgorod region, and Krasnoyarsk Territory.
- Specialists from Resource Centres, Methodical Centres, and Institutes of educational staff advanced training.

Users get registered on their own to get access to the site resources in the section "Registration".

Learners training through Advanced Training Departments (ATD) and Institutes of Advanced Training (IAT) (within the limits of budgetary financing or by concluding an agreement for educational services)

The lists of learners to be registered for a corresponding course are submitted to the site administrator by the methodist of ATD (IAT) or coordinator from the customer.

Learners of short-term courses receive a certificate on having taken the corresponding course, module, or topic. The advanced training is concluded with passing the corresponding test or examination, defending the report or final assignment. The learners who meet all the curricula requirements receive a corresponding national-standard document (advanced training certificate).

Additional terms
The user does not need additional software. Access to courses is provided by means of a standard Internet browser Интернет in the remote access mode.